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    Maggie Shen, Founder 
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    Maggie Shen is the Founder / CEO and Creative Director of Coconut Religion. 
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    Maggie, 27, created Coconut Religion to celebrate eco-conscious, fun, all-natural beauty - and to give women and men more power to go all-natural in their wellness and beauty routines. Commercial-grade grocery coconut oil is not a substitute for quality personal care, so Maggie decided to do it herself and create a range of premium beauty products centered around coconut oil, that’s just for beauty and wellness.
    More than a brand and a line of eye-catching products, the ethos of Coconut Religion is to promote sustainable, conscious consumption and that going all-natural and ‘worshipping your body’ doesn't have to be boring.
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    Creating and launching Coconut Religion been a passion project from Day 1 as she left her international career in luxury beauty, moving to Vietnam on her mission to create something truly positive for the beauty industry that she worked in - but with a sustainable and irresistibly fun message.
    Her premium line of high quality, travel-proof coconut butters for beauty, has quickly has become one of the top brands to note in Saigon. 

    Her goal is simple, to celebrate coconut oil with a fun, vibrant brand that encourages sustainable, eco beauty for all.

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    Maggie is based in Saigon, Vietnam and oversees all the small batch production of Jungle to Jars that are made directly in the coconut jungles of Ben Tre. Using only organic, locally sourced coconut oil, and only cruelty-free, all natural ingredients inspired by the botanicals of Vietnam, promoting eco-beauty, one Jungle to Jar at a time!
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