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    What's the Coconut Religion?


    The Mekong River flows from the Tibetan plateaus down through South East Asia - through the tropical abundance of Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, before reaching the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

    Along the way, magic happens as the Mekong’s soil accumulates rich, fertile nutrients and sediments. Finally, as the river opens out to sea, we reach a heavenly tropical oasis, a mystical coconut land. Here, I discovered lush and dense canopies bursting with the juiciest coconuts in the world. Coconuts with a magical oil so sweet and divine, it could even reach a cult following.

    With a background in luxury beauty, I launched Coconut Religion in November 2018, with the vision to create a premium line of all-natural coconut butters to celebrate coconut oil and sustainable, conscious, eco-beauty for travelers. Natural doesn't have to mean boring!

    Our "Jungle to Jar" concept lip and body coconut butters are hand-made directly in the coconut jungles of Mekong Delta, Vietnam - using locally sourced organic coconut oil, and botanical essential oils native to Vietnam, such as lemongrass, pomelo and lychee rose. 

    The butters are unique and stay luxuriously silky and creamy in hot climates, made for the eco-conscious, free-thinking traveler to use as an all-purpose balm.

    It wasn't until later on, that I discovered that the Coconut Religion was actually a religion that existed in the 70s in Vietnam, in the exact jungles my coconuts are sourced. The universe works in mysterious ways and I truly believe that everything which attracts you is somehow connected. It's not pure coincidence that my passion project led me to uncovering and bringing back the Coconut Religion in Vietnam and hopefully now, with the rest of the world.

    Follow my journey into the Mekong and my sinfully sweet Coconut Religion.

    Maggie Shen